A social gathering of long-term remote workers.

Koh Lanta, Thailand. April 1st, 2017.

$950 USD

Inspired by KoHub.

Remote Fest

We all know that a full-time remote lifestyle is full of highs & lows.

This lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. Although there are already many conferences, meetups, and events around the remote work movement, we wanted to try something different.

The best part of any conferences is meeting like-minded people. So we decided to do away with all that ‘other stuff’ and cut to the chase.

Remote Fest focuses on relationship building, quality coworking, and casual breakout discussions about all things ‘remote living’.

We hope that you’ll join us in the spring on Koh Lanta, Thailand. It’s going to be a fun experiment!

What's Included


Private accommodation within walking distance of KoHub

Airport Transportation

Transport from Krabi airport to Koh Lanta upon arrival

Island Transportation

Transport to/from all Remotefest group events

Communal Meals

Communal breakfast and lunch every day at KoHub

Group Dinners

Daily organized group dinners at various restaurants on Koh Lanta

Offline Weekend

Disconnect as a group for one night on a nearby private island

Keep Working

Coworking days Monday-Friday, so you’ll still be able to run your business during this event!


Breakout discussion sessions in casual ‘unconference’ style.

KoHub Membership

Access to KoHub for the whole month of October
(You are welcome to arrive before Remote Fest or stay after! We can help arrange accommodation for longer stays.)

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